Keiji Inafune/Comcept's Yaiba Zombie Game's Announcement Video Posted

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Inafune: Game to have zombies, action, ninja, mecha

The video game developer Comcept has posted a teaser trailer for Keiji Inafune's (ROCKMAN/Mega Man) new zombie game Yaiba. The platform and release date for the new game have not yet been announced.

Inafune also posted a message on Comcept's website regarding the game. In the message, Inafune remarked that it has been a year and a half since he became an independent game developer and launched his company Comcept, and he wanted to create something that will live up to his fans' expectations. Since he is associated as a "zombie lover," Inafune noted he wanted to create a zombie game. Inafune noted that he thought up the concept for the game soon after becoming an independent game developer, and the game will be filled with things that Inafune likes: zombies, action, ninja, and mecha.

Inafune is currently also working on Soul Sacrifice, due out this winter, and the Guild01 sequel Guild02. Inafune and Marvelous AQL just released the J.J Rockets spartphone game on Tuesday.

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