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Mega Man (U.S. TV)

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Alternative title:
Themes: mecha
Objectionable content: None
Plot Summary: Mega man, a new age robot created to feel like a human, is sworn to protect the innocents from the nefarious Dr. Wily and his evil Robot Masters. Armed with his plasma cannon, able to copy any robot's weapon, and the help of some friends (Dr. Light, Roll and Rush) Mega Man sets out to rid the world of corruption.
Running time: 23 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 27
Episode titles: We have 27
Vintage: 1995-09
Release dates: We have 7
Opening Theme:
"Super Fighting Robot" by John Mitchell and Tom Keenlyside
Ending Theme:
"Driver" by The Hollowbodies (ep 17)
"Eileen" by Skid Row (ep 18)
"Got Myself Together" by The Bucketheads (ep 15)
"Mega Man Theme" by ??? (eps 19, 24)
"Realms of Junior Mafia, Pt. 2" by Junior M.A.F.I.A. (ep 21)
"She" by Smile (ep 16)
"Sinnerman" by Extra Fancy (eps 14, 20)
"So Far, So Good...So What" by CIV (ep 23)
"Super Fighting Robot (instrumental)" by John Mitchell and Tom Keenlyside (eps 1-13, 27)
"Take Cover" by Mr. Big (eps 25-26)
"Tryst" by Machines of Loving Grace (ep 22)
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DVD (Region 1)
    Mega Man - The Complete Series (Dub.DVD) 2014-09-30 (from $34.49)
    Megaman - Collection 2 (Dub.DVD) delayed/cancelled (from $29.98)
    Megaman - Collection 1 (Dub.DVD) 2009-01-27 (from $49.99)
    Megaman - A Hero is Born [Essential Anime Collection] (Dub.DVD 1) delayed/cancelled
    Megaman - A Hero is Born (Dub.DVD 1) 2003-01-21 (from $5.77)
    Megaman - Battle for the Future [Essential Anime Collection] (Dub.DVD 2) delayed/cancelled
    Megaman - Battle for the Future (Dub.DVD 2) 2003-03-18 (from $14.85)

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Japanese companies
Ashi Productions
Mook Animation (uncredited)
Original Concept: CAPCOM
English cast
English staff
Cheryl Biggs (ep 18)
Craig Ruby (ep 27)
Doug Molitor (ep 21)
Evelyn Gabai (ep 24)
Gary Greenfield (eps 5, 22)
Jeffrey Scott (4 episodes
eps 2, 7, 10, 12

Mark Jones (eps 1, 23)
Martin Pasko (ep 13)
Matt Uitz (eps 8, 17, 20)
Michael Maurer (7 episodes
eps 4, 8-9, 14, 19, 25-26

Michael O'Mahony (ep 16)
Richard Merwin (6 episodes
eps 3, 6, 11, 15, 18, 26

Art Director:
Cesar De Castro (eps 14-27)
Ruby Halipoto (ADV Films; 2003 DVD releases)

Additional Effects:
Jan Deny (eps 1-13)
Paul Silveria (eps 1-13)
Assistant Director: Erik Peterson
Associate producer: Daniel Kletzky
Casting: Sarah-Anne Dafoe
Gary Barron (eps 1-13)
Marc Wielage
Copywriter: Steven Siddall (Discotek)
Cover Art:
Brady Hartel (Discotek)
Jonathan Kim (Discotek)
Stephanie Shih (Discotek)
Dialogue Director: Terry Klassen
DVD Coordination: Janice Williams (ADV Films)
DVD Executive Producer:
Joey Goubeaud (ADV Films; 2009 re-releases)
John Ledford (ADV Films)
Mark Williams (ADV Films; 2003 releases)
DVD Menu Design:
Larry Koteff (ADV Films)
DVD Producer: David Del Rio (ADV Films)
Film Editing: Craig Paulsen
Jan Deny (eps 1-13)
Paul Silveria (eps 1-13)
Line Producer: Scott Heming (eps 1-13)
Logo Design:
Larry Koteff (ADV Films)
Music Editing: Karl Willems
Negative Cutting: Mary Nelson
Packaging Design:
Larry Koteff (ADV Films)
Post-Production Supervision:
Nicholas Racz (eps 1-13)
Regina Brittle (eps 14-27)
Production Assistant:
Angela Dyste (eps 14-27)
Margaret Ferguson (eps 1-13)
Production Consultant: Teruko Hozumi (as Teruko "Pico" Hozumi)
Production Coordination:
Jeffrey Morgan Cooke
Valerie Alvarez
Production manager: Loretta High
Recording engineer: Keith A. Goddard (eps 1-13)
Script Coordinator:
Debra J. Fisher
Sharon Eisenberg (eps 1-13)
Sound Effects: Don 'Oz' Janzen
Special Thanks To: Reed Nelson (Discotek)
Story Editor:
Jeffrey Scott (eps 1-13)
Michael Maurer (eps 14-27)
Richard Merwin
Supervising Producer:
Joe Ruby
Ken Spears
Theme Song Composition:
John Mitchell (OP; ED eps 1-13,27)
Tom Keenlyside (OP; ED eps 1-13,27)
Theme Song Performance:
CIV (ED; ep 23)
Extra Fancy (ED; eps 14, 20)
Junior M.A.F.I.A. (ED; ep 21)
Machines of Loving Grace (ED; ep 22)
Mr. Big (ED; eps 25-26)
Skid Row (ED; ep 18)
Smile (ED; ep 16)
The Bucketheads (ED; ep 15)
The Hollowbodies (ED; ep 17)
Garry Chalk as Guts Man
Ian Corlett as Mega Man
Jim Byrnes as Dr. Thomas Light
Robyn Ross as Roll
Scott McNeil as
Dr. Albert Wily
Proto Man
Terry Klassen as Cut Man

Garry Chalk as
Bright Man
Dark Man
Mayor (second; ep 27)
Ring Man
Ian Corlett as Quick Man (stand-in; ep 15)
Ian James Corlett as Snake Man
Jim Byrnes as
Mayor (ep 18)
Quick Man
Robyn Ross as Bree Ricotta
Scott McNeil as
Drill Man
Mayor (ep 14)
Quick Man (stand-in; ep 15)
Terry Klassen as
Bomb Man
Elec Man
Ice Man

Cathy Weseluck as
Doris (ep 2)
Robobeautician (ep 2)
Christopher Turner as Bobby (ep 25)
Crystaleen O'Bray as Tina McIntyre (ep 12)
Garry Chalk as
Gyro Man
Mr. Rozenko (ep 5)
Needle Man
Spark Mandrill
Ian Corlett as
Karate Bot (ep 14)
Metal Man
Mr. Zero (ep 7)
Rudy (ep 27)
Jay Brazeau as Eugene Peister (ep 13)
Jim Byrnes as
Admiral Hayley (ep 17)
Captain Lee (ep 1)
Gravity Man
Gyro Man (Disguise form)
Mitchell Deacon (ep 24)
Secretary of Defense (ep 4)
Tina's Father (ep 12)
Top Man
Kaitlyn Stewart as Annie (ep 9)
Kathleen Barr as Bobby (ep 7)
Lee Tockar as Vile
Marcus Turner as Ramon (ep 7)
Michael Donovan as
Jet (ep 9)
Mega Man X
Richard Newman as
Spark Mandrill
Wood Man
Robyn Ross as Cheer Bots (ep 14)
Shirley Millner as
Ms. LaPierre (ep 5)
Ms. Pendergast (ep 7)
Principal (ep 7)
Terry Klassen as
Brain Bot
Crash Man
Dive Man
Dust Man
Hard Man
Mr. Farage (ep 5)
Painter Bot (ep 14)
Shadow Man
Star Man
Student Bot (ep 14)
Tony Sampson as Gemini Man
Venus Terzo as Funworld Employee (ep 25)

English companies
ADR Production: The Ocean Group
ABC Family
ADV Kids (Singles)
Capcom U.S.A. (Mega Man Anniversary Collection PS2/Xbox game release; ep 1)
Sony Wonder (VHS)
The Summit Media Group (Syndication)
DVD Menu Design: TwistyGadget (Discotek)
Internet Streaming: The Anime Network
Licensed by:
ADV Films (Expired)
Discotek Media (2013)
Madman Entertainment (Australia and New Zealand)
Packaging Design: TwistyGadget (Discotek)
Track Reading: Grives Editing
Video Post Production: Complete Post, Inc.
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
Alexander Paez as Mega Man (Colombian Dub)
Eleazar Osorio as Proto Man (Colombian Dub)
Harold Leal as Brigth Man (Colombian Dub)
John Grey as Dr. Wily (Colombian Dub)
Juan Carlos Tinoco as Guts Man (Colombian Dub)
Luis Manuel Martín Díaz as Megaman (Spain Dub)
Sigifredo Vega as Dr. Light (Colombian Dub)
Spanish companies
Panamericana Television (Latin America)
Telecinco (Spain Dub)
German staff
German cast
Andreas Neumann as Megaman X
Gudo Hoegel as Sigma
Horst Sachtleben as Dr. Light
Joscha Fischer-Antze as Spark Mandrill
Kai Taschner as Cutman
Manfred Erdmann as Gutsman
Michael Rüth as Eddy
Philipp Brammer as Protoman
Solveig Duda as Roll
Thomas Rauscher as Mayor
German companies
Broadcaster: Pro7
Tagalog staff
Tagalog cast
Dubbing Director: Ryan Ang

AJ Constantino as Gutsman and Megaman x
Jay De Castro as Snakeman, Bomberman
Leslie Paraboles as Cutsman
Noel Escondo as Protoman and Rush
Pinky Rebucas as Roll (eps 25-27)
Pocholo Gonzales as Dr. Light
Robert Brillantes as Dr. Willy
Ryan Ang as Megaman and Voice Director
Shiela Bontogon as Roll
Tagalog companies
Dubbing: HERO TV
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
Daoiz Cabezudo as Guts Man
Elcio Sodré as Cut Man
Letícia Quinto as Roll
Luiz Carlos de Moraes as Dr. Albert Wily
Marcelo Campos as Mega Man
Walter Breda as Dr. Thomas Light
Wendel Bezerra as Proto Man

Carlos Falat as Eddie (1st voice)
Celso Alves as Ring Man
Eudes Carvalho as Bright Man (2nd voice)
Ezio Ramos as
Bomb Man (2nd voice)
Drill Man
Felipe Di Nardo as Dark Man (2nd voice)
Francisco Brêtas as Snake Man (2nd voice)
Jonas Mello as Bomb Man (1st voice)
Leonardo Camilo as
Bright Man (1st voice)
Elec Man
Ice Man
Snake Man (1st voice)
Luiz Antônio Lobue as Prefeito (Mayor)
Mário Jorge Montini as Dark Man (1st voice)
Sérgio Rufino as Eddie (2nd voice)

Affonso Amajones as
Magnet Man
Toad Man
Wood Man
Carlos Silveira as Capitão Lee (ep 1)
Celso Alves as
Gravity Man
Heat Man
Eudes Carvalho as Spark Mandrill (ep 26)
Ezio Ramos as Top Man
Fábio Moura as
Crash Man
Crystal Man
Gemini Man
Felipe Di Nardo as
Spark Man
Vile (ep 26)
Hermes Baroli as
Dust Man
Metal Man
Robô Kung-Fu (ep 22)
Star Man
Luiz Antônio Lobue as
Air Man
Pharaoh Man
Tar (ep 20)
Marcelo Campos as Megaman 
Mário Vilela as Hard Man
Mário Jorge Montini as Lotos (ep 18)
Mauro Eduardo as Shadow Man
Muibo Cesar Cury as Dr. Petto (ep 2)
Paulo Porto as Needle Man
Paulo Wolf as Gyro Man
Ronaldo Artinic as Quarterbot (ep 22)
Sérgio Rufino as
Cerebot (Brain Bot)
Mega Man X (ep 26)
Portuguese companies
Broadcaster: SBT
Dubbing Studio: Álamo

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