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Viz to publish Big O Manga

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Manga based on popular Anime TV series will be released by Viz in February.

Viz Communications, Inc. today on yesterday (Thursday, November 1st) that they would be releasing Hitoshi Ariga's manga adaptation of The Big O.

This manga is an adaptation of Bandai's hit Cartoon Network TV series and will expand upon the story told in the anime version by going beyond the series finale to give the full story climax. Starting in February 2002, The Big O will be released in a monthly, 48 page, black and white format with a retail price of $3.50 in the U.S. ($5.50 Canada).

Paradigm City is the city of amnesia — 40 years ago, SOMETHING happened that wiped out the memories of the residents, forcing them to recreate their culture from scattered fragments. In this world only 40 years old, Roger Smith is a "negotiator" — a go-between for police, citizens and criminals in high-risk diplomatic situations. But something else survives from the forgotten past. They are the MegaDeus — giant robots created by the city's former inhabitants, or perhaps by the forgetful citizens themselves. When crime and madness strike, Roger Smith brings the guilty to justice with the giant robot called The Big O.

In the premiere issue, The Big O #1, Roger Smith becomes involved with a mysterious dark-haired woman whose lover is a hardened criminal. Breaking into a memory repository, the pair threatens to destroy the memories of the city's residents unless their demands are met. Police lieutenant Dan Daston calls in Roger Smith to negotiate a settlement, but the two criminal lovers are only pawns in a scheme orchestrated by the master criminal Beck, who, like Roger Smith, has a MegaDeus at his command.

Author and artist Hitoshi Ariga, a robot fan with a distinctively bold, cartoon style, is best known as the most popular artist of manga based on CAPCOM's MEGA MAN (known as ROCK MAN in Japan). His personal Japanese website, "Ariga Megamix", is at "www.din.or.jp/~ariga/" (in Japanese only). The Big O Anime original story is a creation of Hajime Yatate at Sunrise, the studio that also created Mobile Suit Gundam.

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