Musical Duo Every Little Thing Make Voice Acting Debut

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Group make Hana Kappa film cameos as butterflies, performs film's theme "Lien"

Musical duo Kaori Mochida and Ichirō Itō of Every Little Thing are making their voice acting debut in the anime film Eiga Hana Kappa Hana-sake! Pakkaan Chō no Kuni no Daibōken. The duo made the announcement at the first stop on their "Every Little Thing Concert Tour 2013 ‐ON AND ON‐" in Saitama on Saturday. The anime characters Hana Kappa and Momo Kappa made a surprise guest appearance after the concert's first encore song.

Mochida and Itō will play Mocchii and Ikkun, two gatekeepers for the land of butterflies. Itō remarked with glee that Mocchii looked just like Mochida.

The two will also provide the film's theme song, "Lien." Lien is French for "link" or "bond"; Itō added that they made the song with the preciousness of the strength of bonds and kindness in mind. Every Little Thing has provided theme songs for Buzzer Beater, Initial D: Third Stage film, Inuyasha, and Pokémon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram.

The anime adapts Tadashi Akiyama's Hana Kappa-kun picture books and newspaper manga about a kappa (mystical Japanese river creature) who happens to have a flower (hana) growing out of his head. Hana Kappa lives with his father, mother, grandfather, and grandmother in a verdant village known as Yamabiko.

In the film, butterfly warriors suddenly appear in Yamabiko and snatch away Hana Kappa's mother and others. Hana Kappa and his friends head out towards the mystery-filled land of butterflies. They overcome obstacles such as mountains and deserts and along the way, encounter a mysterious boy named Poru.

The television anime's Kazumi Nonaka (Happy Happy Clover, Mameushi-kun) is directing the film at the studios Xebec and OLM. Tetsuo Yasumi (Bono Bono, Happy Happy Clover), the series script supervisor of the television anime, is overseeing the film and co-writing it with Natsuko Takahashi (ATASHIn'CHI, Gokujō!! Mecha Mote Iinchō, Kaasan - Mom's Life).

Eiga Hana Kappa Hana-sake! Pakkaan Chō no Kuni no Daibōken will open in Japanese theaters on April 12.

Source: Oricon Style

Images © 2013 Tadashi Akiyama/Eiga Hana Kappa Project

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