Initial D: Third Stage (movie)

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© Shuichi Shigeno / Kodansha • to max • OB PLANNING

Alternative title:
頭文字〈イニシャル〉D THIRD STAGE (Japanese)
Genres: drama, tournament
Themes: auto racing, sports
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: A few months before graduating from high school, Takumi is approached by RedSuns leader Ryosuke Takahashi and offered to join him in forming an expeditionary racing team and challenge other teams outside the Gunma Prefecture. Before coming up with an answer to the proposal, Takumi seeks retribution by issuing a rematch to Emperor leader Kyouichi Sudou, who previously defeated him due to an engine failure. He is also challenged by Kai Kogashiwa, a second-generation street racer whose father was once a fierce rival of Takumi's father Bunta. Meanwhile, Natsuki tries to mend her friendship with Takumi during the Christmas season, but the situation goes wrong when her ex-boyfriend Miki returns to town.
User Ratings: 850 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 93 votes (sub:73, dub:15, others:5
4 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Excellent: 213 votes (sub:177, dub:21, raw:6, edit.dub:1, others:8
3 Portuguese subtitled
3 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 French edited dub
 Very good: 264 votes (sub:229, dub:23, raw:2, ?:1, others:9
6 Spanish subtitled
1 Spanish dubbed
1 Polish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Good: 189 votes (sub:166, dub:14, ?:2, raw:1, others:6
3 Portuguese subtitled
2 Spanish subtitled
1 French subtitled
 Decent: 58 votes (sub:48, dub:6, ?:2, raw:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 So-so: 23 votes (sub:19, dub:3, others:1
1 French subtitled
 Not really good: 6 votes (sub:6)
 Weak: 3 votes (sub:2, ?:1)
 Bad: -
 Awful: 1 vote (sub:1)
 Worst ever: -
Seen in part or in whole by 1665 users, rank: #706 (of 7565)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.975 (Very good), std. dev.: 1.2982, rank: #600 (of 7595)
Weighted mean: 7.903 (Very good), rank: #621 (of 7595) (seen all: 7.92 / seen some: 5.88 / won't finish: 5.00)
Bayesian estimate: 7.897 (Very good), rank: #435 (of 5731)
Running time: 114 minutes
Vintage: 2001-01-13
Premiere date:
2001-01-13 (Japan)
Release dates: We have 2
Opening Theme:
"Gamble Rumble" by Move
Ending Theme:
#1: "Jirenma" by Every Little Thing
#2: "The Race is Over" by Dave Rodgers
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DVD (Region 1)
    Initial D: Second & Third Stage + OVA Extra Stage [S.A.V.E.] (DVD) 2011-11-08
    Initial D: Stage 3 Movie DVD (DVD) 2010-05-11

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Shigenori Kageyama
Yuu Kou (ED)
Unit Director: Hiroshi Watanabe
Original Manga: Shuuichi Shigeno
Character Design: Kazumi Sato
Art Director: Mitsuharu Miyamae
Chief Animation Director: Kazumi Sato
Mechanical design: Shohei Kohara
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Cgi Director: Satohiro Nagao
Executive producer: Ren Usami
Animation producer: Masahiro Toyozumi
Assistant Sound Director: Tsutomu Kashiwakura
Background Art:
Aya Mitsumoto (Studio Biho)
Hiroshi Katō (Studio Biho)
Izumi Hoki (Studio Biho)
Kayo Kojio (Biho Digital Works)
Kazuhiro Hattori (Baku Production)
Kenichi Kurata (Baku Production)
Masanori Nishiyama (Baku Production)
Masao Ichitani (Baku Production)
Masaru Satō (Studio Biho)
Mitsuyoshi Ogata (Baku Production)
Nami Kataoka (Biho Digital Works)
Riko Shinohara (Studio Biho)
Takao Shimizu (Baku Production)
Takayuki Kotani (Baku Production)
Yoshiko Kitamura (Baku Production)
Yuka Hirama (Studio Biho)
Color design: Shinji Matsumoto
Color Key: Yōko Mihashi (ED)
Digital Optical Recording: Noboru Nishio
Dolby Film Consultant:
Mikio Mori (Continental Far East)
Tsutomu Kawahigashi (Continental Far East)
Editing: Shuichi Kakesu
Editing Assistant: Hiroaki Itabe
Editorial Supervision: Keiichi Tsuchiya (Hot Version Editorial Dept.)
Graphic Design:
Hikaru Tamiya (Plus Dee)
Sawako Ochiai (Plus Dee)
In-Between Animation Assistance:
Ai Kuwabara (Delta Peak Production)
Azusa Oikawa (Kino Production)
Daigo Maki (Kino Production)
Fumie Ebori (Delta Peak Production)
Hideki Nagamachi (Studio Live)
Hong Wei Cao (Danni Animation)
Hua Feng Yu (Danni Animation)
Jiao She (Danni Animation)
Jin Fang (Danni Animation)
Jing Xia (Danni Animation)
Ju Fang Chen (Danni Animation)
Kazuyuki Asaga (Studio Takuranke)
Kiyomi Ishiwatari (Studio Live)
Kousuke Okamoto (Kino Production)
Kyōko Haseyama (Delta Peak Production)
Li Liu (Danni Animation)
Li Ping Xia (Danni Animation)
Maki Nishi (Delta Peak Production)
Masahito Onoda (Studio Live)
Masashi Nishikawa (Kino Production)
Masatsugu Nishida (Delta Peak Production)
Mayumi Tamura (Kino Production)
Midori Saito (Kino Production)
Ming Hong Cai (Danni Animation)
Miyuki Hasegawa (Delta Peak Production)
Rie Kondo (Studio Takuranke)
Satoshi Koike (Studio Takuranke)
Satoshi Mikage (Studio Musashi)
Seiji Tomita (Studio Musashi)
Seiko Asai (Studio Takuranke)
Shan Wu (Danni Animation)
Shingo Kuranaga (Studio Live)
Shinichi Abe (Studio Musashi)
Su Cheng Zhang (Danni Animation)
Tadashi Yamakoshi (Kino Production)
Taisuke Nishiyama (Kino Production)
Takahiko Suzuki (Kino Production)
Takahiro Kimura (Studio Musashi)
Takahiro Ninagawa (Studio Takuranke)
Takamasa Ishikawa (Kino Production)
Tatsunori Ozawa (Kino Production)
Tetsuya Ishimaru (Studio Musashi)
Yan Hua Xu (Danni Animation)
Yang Ou (Danni Animation)
Yayoi Yonemori (JEC.E)
Yi Wang (Danni Animation)
Ying Zi Lu (Danni Animation)
Yoshifumi Shimizu (Studio Musashi)
Yoshiyuki Fujimori (Delta Peak Production)
Yūdai Niwa (Studio Takuranke)
Yūichi Kabashima (Delta Peak Production)
Yun Chen (Danni Animation)
Zheng Wen Zhu (Danni Animation)
Mechanical animation Director: Shohei Kohara
Negative Editing:
Yukiko Nojiri
Yumiko Fuse
Paint Assistance:
Akihiro Fukuda (Mutli-Access Company)
Emiko Ueno (Production I.G)
Hiroshi Sotoyama (Noside)
Jun'ya Yagi (Mutli-Access Company)
Junko Mizuno (Production I.G)
Kazu Doi (Production I.G)
Kazumi Sakoda (Noside)
Mariko Shimokawa (Production I.G)
Masato Sasaki (Noside)
Miharu Takahashi (Production I.G)
Mitsuko Ito (Production I.G)
Natsuko Abe (Production I.G)
Rie Asano (Production I.G)
Romi Mishima (Noside)
Satoru Hirose (Noside)
Sayo Motegi (Production I.G)
Takayoshi Ishikawa (Production I.G)
Tamaka Sato (Production I.G)
Toshikazu Suzuki (Production I.G)
Youichirou Satou (Mutli-Access Company)
Yuka Yamakoshi (Production I.G)
Paint Check: Hitomi Kawashima
Photography Assistant:
Katsutoshi Ooi (Studio Twinkle)
Makoto Furukawa (Production I.G)
Miki Sakuma (Production I.G)
Mikiteru Honda (Studio Twinkle)
Risa Yamagata (Studio Twinkle)
Shinichi Igarashi (Studio Twinkle)
Shinji Tanaka (Studio Twinkle)
Yuuka Hagiwara (Studio Twinkle)
Photography Chief: Itsuo Miyamoto
Production: Tatsumi Yoda
Production Cooperation:
Eiichirō Yamada ("Hot Version" Editorial)
Junji Seki (Weekly Young Magazine Editorial)
Katsuhide Sugino ("Hot Version" Editorial)
Keiichi Kimura (Weekly Young Magazine Editorial)
Kouhei Iwasaki (Car Sound)
Mitsuteru Aoshima (Car Sound)
Takeo Arai (Car Sound)
Takeshi Nakajima (Weekly Young Magazine Editorial)
Toru Yamamoto ("Hot Version" Editorial)
Toshiya Honda ("Hot Version" Editorial)
Yasuhiko Tabe ("Hot Version" Editorial)
Yasuhisa Chiba (Weekly Young Magazine Editorial)
Yoshihiro Nirei ("Hot Version" Editorial)
Production Desk:
Miwa Saitō
Ryōsuke Date
Production manager: Koji Iijima
Publicity Producer: Hiroyuki Ohnishi
Recording: Fujio Yamada
Recording Assistant: Yuji Tagami
Sound Effect Supervision: Shizuo Kurahashi
Sound Effects: Kenji Koyama
Sound Effects Assistant: Reiji Matsumoto
Special Effects: Takeshi Saito
Supervision: Katsuhito Matsuura
Theme Song Performance:
Dave Rodgers (ED 2)
Every Little Thing (ED 1)
Move (OP)
Shinichiro Miki as Takumi Fujiwara

Ayako Kawasumi as Natsuki Mogi
Kazuki Yao as Koichiro Iketani
Masahiko Tanaka as Kyouichi Sudou
Mitsuo Iwata as Itsuki Takeuchi
Takehito Koyasu as Ryosuke Takahashi
Takumi Yamazaki as Miki
Tomokazu Seki as Keisuke Takahashi
Tomomichi Nishimura as Yuuichi Tachibana
Unshō Ishizuka as Bunta Fujiwara

Hajime Hosoi as Chief 
Kazuhisa Kawahara as Seiji Iwaki
Keiji Fujiwara as Shingo Shouji
Kinryuu Arimoto as Ken Kogashiwa
Kousuke Okano as Kenta Nakamura
Michiko Neya as Mako Sato
Nobutoshi Canna as Kai Kogashiwa
Nobuyuki Hiyama as Takeshi Nakazato
Osamu Hosoi as Hiroshi Fumihiro
Wataru Takagi as Kenji
Yumi Kakazu as Sayuki

Japanese companies
3D Graphics: Pastel
3DCG Production: A-CAT
Animation Production: Studio DEEN
Digital Effects: Image
Distributor: Toei Company, Ltd.
DVD Distribution: avex mode
Editing: Jay Film
Film Recording: Tokyo Laboratory
In-Between Animation: Pak Pro (ED)
Music: Avex Trax
Music Assistance: Avex Group
Negative Editing: Wins
Photography Assistance:
Production I.G
Studio Twinkle
Production Assistance: SHAFT (ED)
Recording Studio: Aoi Studio
Sound Production: Techno Sound
Soundtrack Assistance: Legato Music
Titles: Maki Production
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Joel McDonald
Script: Eric Vale
Javier Lopez
Sarah Alys Lindholm (Quality Assurance)
Executive producer: Gen Fukunaga
ADR Engineer: Stephen Hoff
Assistant producer: Michael Harcourt
DVD Compression:
Duncan Yan
Jacob Martin
DVD Editing: Jeremy Jimenez
DVD Menu Audio: Gino Palencia
DVD Menu Design: Young Wang
DVD Producer: Clarine Harp
Head Writer: Eric Vale
Lead Video Engineer: Sarah Mueller
Line Producer: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mix Engineer: Nathanael Harrison
Post-Production Assistant:
Ashley Rosse
Casey Barteau
Niki Cooper
Production Assistant:
Gino Palencia
Trenton Jons
Production Supervision: Susie Nixon
Senior Video Editor:
Daniel Mancilla
Jeremy Jimenez
Talent Coordination: Tara A. Williams
Video Engineer: Michael Rivas
Video Post-Production Coordinator: Margaret Yabs
Video Post-Production Director: Brandon Tyler
Joel McDonald as Takumi Fujiwara

Brina Palencia as Natsuki Mogi
Chris Ayres as Miki
Christopher R. Sabat as Kyouichi Sudou
Chuck Huber as Yuichi Tachibana
Eric Vale as Koichiro Iketani
J. Michael Tatum as Ryosuke Takahashi
Josh Grelle as Itsuki Takeuchi
Kent Williams as Bunta Fujiwara
Todd Haberkorn as Keisuke Takahashi

Bruce Carey as Ken Kogashiwa
Chris Cason as Hiroshi Fumihiro
Colleen Clinkenbeard as Mako Sato
Greg Ayres as Kenta Nakamura
Jason Douglas as Seiji Iwaki
John Burgmeier as Takeshi Nakazato
Monica Rial as Sayuki
Vic Mignogna as Shingo Shoji
Will Short as Kai Kogashiwa

English companies
FUNimation Entertainment
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand)
Internet Streaming: YouTube
French cast
French staff
Laurent Vernin as Takumi Fujuwara

André Pauwels as Bunta Fujiwara
Christophe Hespel as Keisuke Takahashi
David Manet as Koichiro Iketani
Jean-Michel Vovk as Yûichi Tachibana
Stéphane Flamand as Natsuki Mogi
Tony Beck as Itsuki Takeuchi
Xavier Percy as Ryosuke Takeuchi

Antoni LoPresti as Shingo Shouji
Audrey D'Hulstere as Mako Sato
Cathy Boquet as Sayuki
Olivier Cuvelier as Kyoichi Sudo
Pablo Hertsen as Takeshi Nakazato
Peppino Capotondi as Yochima
Philippe Allard as Nogami
Pierre Bodson as Seiji Iwaki
Sébastien Hebrant as Hiroshi Fumihiro
French companies
Distributor: Kaze
Internet Streaming: Anime Digital Network
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
Executive producer: José Luis Puertas (Jonu Media)
Broadcaster: Animax
Distributor: Jonu Media (Spain)
Translation: TRADUCCIONES IMPOSIBLES (Spain dub)
Spanish cast
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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