Ultraman Ginga to Begin Airing in July

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New 13-episode show to debut on July 10, a.k.a. Ultraman Day

The title, cast, and story were announced for the newest live-action Ultraman series on Friday. Ultraman Ginga (Ultraman Galaxy) will run within the Shin Ultraman Gaiden programming block.

The story will take place in a galaxy far away, where all of the warriors and monsters were turned into tiny figures due to the forces of darkness. Time passes, and in the present era, a fateful chosen boy named Hikaru Reidō obtains the mysterious Ginga Spark, which can return the warriors and monsters back to their original size. In the face of evil aliens who appear at the same time, a new Ultraman called “Ultraman Ginga” appears.

The cast was also announced for the new program:

  • Takuya Negishi as Hikaru Reidō
  • Mio Miyatake as Misuzu Ishidō
  • Mizuki Ōno as Kenta Watarai
  • Kirara as Chigusa Kuno
  • Takuya Kusakawa as Tomoya Ichijōji

Directors of the show include Yuuichi Abe, Tomoo Haraguchi, Kengo Kaji, and Yoshikazu Ishii, directing from scripts by Keiichi Hasegawa, Masanao Akahoshi, Kenichi Araki, and Akira Tanizaki.

Ultraman Ginga will begin airing on July 10, also known as Ultraman Day. The first six episodes will run from July to August, and another five will run from November to December. Two more episodes will run during events in September and next spring.

Source: Tsuburaya via 0takomu

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