Ace Attorney 5's Promo Introduces Characters, System

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Phoenix, Apollo, new character Kokone star in CAPCOM's latest installment in courtroom games

Capcom began streaming a 3-minute promo for its upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Ace Attorney 5. The video introduces the game's characters, including Ryūichi Naruhodō (Phoenix Wright), Hōsuke Odoroki, and Ryuichi's new partner Kokone Kizuki (name is a pun of “notices it's here”), who is a girl who hates to lose.

Ace Attorney 5 is set one year after the fourth main game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The game will ship on July 25 in Japan. Capcom will also be offering free DLC costumes from July 25 through August 15, which include Phoenix's suit from the first three games, Apollo's street clothes, and Kokone's high school uniform.

Brian Keltner, Public Relations Manager at CAPCOM, confirmed in September that his company plans to release the game in the West.

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