One Piece Ice Cream Maker Offered at KFC Japan

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Featuring Luffy, Chopper, & Straw Hats — just add sugar, eggs, milk, & flavoring

Japanese Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurants began giving away One Piece-themed ice cream makers with the purchase of certain combo meals on Thursday. There are three different ice cream makers — one with Luffy, one with Chopper, and one with the entire Straw Hat crew. Each has a "fist" or a Chopper "hoof" for the stirring handle.

Customers can get the ice cream makers by ordering the following sets:

  • A Pack: two pieces of Original Recipe fried chicken, two pieces of Extra Crispy Tenders, and an order of small French fries for 1,290 yen (US$ 12.90)
  • B Pack: An order of four pieces of Original Recipe fried chicken and an order of small French fries for 1,430 yen (US$ 14.30)
  • 980 yen (US$ 9.80) Set: one piece of Original Recipe fried chicken, one piece of Extra Crispy Tenders, and an order of small French fries

The company has used Shuiesha characters to promote their products in the past. Earlier this year, KFC aired a commercial to promote its collaboration with the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami) movie which was also released this year. In the promotional video, Goku (voiced by Masako Nozawa) tells kids that chicken will make them strong. Seven restaurants in major Japanese cities started cosplaying their Colonel Sanders statues as the anime's Son Goku on February 15. Each of the statues also held one of the seven star-studded Dragon Balls.

One Piece has also been used for many food products in the past. The Japanese tofu product maker Otokomae Tofu announced in January that it would release "Chopper Tofu". The One Piece manga and anime franchise character Chopper, a reindeer who loves sweets, inspired the tofu treat. The tofu maker stated "Chopper Tofu" is a new way to eat sweets that appeals to both One Piece fans and sweets lovers.

KFC did not specify how long its promotion would last, and the ingredients for the ice cream — sugar, eggs, milk, and flavoring (plus ice, salt, and water in the outer freezing chamber) — are not included in the promotion.

[Via Entabe, Rocket News 24]

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