Brothers Conflict Collaborates With Ikebukuro's Animate Café for Themed Dishes

posted on 2013-09-05 16:00 EDT by Sarah Nelkin
Menu includes Fūto's Harassment Salad Sent to Yūsuke, Louis & Juli's “Protect Chii-chan Organization” Parfait, Natsume's Melon Soda

Ikebukuro's Animate Cafe is collaborating with the Brothers Conflict anime from September 1-30, with a special menu and limited edition goods:

Tsubaki & Azusa's Single-Egg Omelet Rice (Chicken rice and chicken saute omelet rice) – 880 yen (about US$9)
Sports Brothers' Stamina Set (Steak and meatballs) - 880 yen
Fūto's Harassment Salad Sent to Yūsuke (sichuan tofu salad & pork kimchi salad mix) – 880 yen
Masaomi's Handmade Lunch for Wataru (children's lunch; meatballs, chicken rice, salad, and pudding) – 880 yen
Ukyō & Hikaru's Adult Pasta (Salmon oriental pasta) – 880 yen Asahina Family Flavor! Special Curry (Curry sauce with beef and fish) – 880 yen


Kaname & Iori's Crime & Punishment Mousse (cheese mousse with a strawberry sauce and cross decoration made from chocolate – 680 yen (about US$7)
Louis & Juli's “Protect Chii-chan Organization” Parfait (parfait with fruit and walnuts with a chocolate heart decoration) – 680 yen
Tsubaki & Wataru's Heart-Throbbing Full-of-Healing Dessert (Pudding, strawberry ice cream, and fruit) – 680 yen
Juli's Tail Walnut Bread (coronet bread with walnut cream) – 250 yen (about US$3)


Tsubaki's Grapefruit Juice – 480 yen (about US$5)
Azusa's Blue Hawaii – 480 yen
Natsume's Melon Soda – 480 yen
Yūsuke's Casis Acerola Drink – 480 yen
Fūto's Pineapple Soda – 480 yen
Ukyō's English Tea – 480 yen
Juli's Latte Art – 480 yen
Subaru's 20th Birthday Celebration Alcohol ~I Will Never Make the Same Mistake Again!~ - 600 yen (about US$6)

In addition, the cafe will sell limited edition goods, including clear files for 368 yen (about US$4), character-print coaster sets of 7 for 680 yen (about US$7), and one pin badge out of 14 at random for 200 yen (about US$2). Although seating is first-come-first-served on weekdays, reservations are required for weekends.

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