Attack on Titan X Crossovers We Love

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A random list of some of our favorite (mostly unofficial) Attack on Titan crossovers.

Alright, we know Attack on Titan crossovers have been A Thing for over a year now, but it got to a point where we couldn't hold it in anymore and wanted to share some of our favorites.

We've made an extensive effort to seek out the original artist for each of these, but if any of these are mis-attributed, please let us know in the forums. (Hint: if the Niconico videos aren't showing up, refresh the page.)

Eren Jaeger x Egashira 2:50

pixiv user ikuyoan caught our eye with his glorious mash-up of Solid Snake and Kentai Collection's Shimakaze, but we about lost it when we saw his cross-over of Titan-ified Eren Jaeger and Japanese comedian Egashira 2:50 (you know, the penis-fist guy who even has his own penis fist figma:

Attack on Titan x BACCANO!

This cute hand-drawn animation by Niconico user くちばし remakes the Baccano opening using characters from Attack on Titan using almost 500 frames of animation.

Attack on Titan x Cookie Clicker

Niconico user ShoboSuke smashed up two things that the Internet is going crazy for right now in this Attack on Titan x Cookie Clicker video.

Attack on Titan x Crayon Shin-chan

There's an shockingly huge treasure trove of fan-art of Shin-chan characters in maneuver gear, many of which are collected here.

Like the whole gang by @00_chokota

...who's also made a dozen manga-styled scenarios.

Or Shin's dad by Niconico Seiga user かいむ:

Attack on Titan x Legend of Korra

DeviantART user PencilPaperPassion has this sweet picture of Korra and Mako in 3D maneuver gear.

OFFICIAL Attack on Titan x Pizza Hut

There are official crossovers too, like this promotion that Pizza Hut ran with Attack on Titan, showing the Colossal Titan chowing down on a gooey slice of pie.

Attack on Titan x Vocaloid

Here's a Vocaloid cover of the first season opening theme song, "Guren no Yumiya," uploaded by Niconico user 150P:

and the MikuMikuDance-ified mash-up by Niconico user 和菜.

Attack on Titan x Bleach

DeviantART user Sideburn004 created this lovely piece of art:

Attack on Titan x Psycho Pass

From an unidentified Pixiv user (ID: 37537076)

Attack on Titan x Minecraft

Planet Minecraft community member each made a titan skin, so you can run around Minecraft skinless.

Attack on Titan x Pokemon

There's a whole Tumblr devoted to Attack on Titan x Pokemon mash-ups!

But there are none as obnoxious (and wildly hilarious) as this amazing/awful Attack on Titan video that uses only Pokemon sounds to recreate the opening theme, from Niconico user ファーリッソ

Attack on Titan x Denny's Diner

I can't believe we forgot this one (thanks Panzer Vor!), so we absolutely had to add it in. The official Denny's Twitter posted this beauty a while back:

Do you guys have any favorites? Let us know in the forums!

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