Kantai Collection Cafe has Themed Foods and Battle-Damaged Tapestries

posted on 2013-10-18 15:00 EDT by Bamboo Dong

The Kantai Collection Cafe opened yesterday at the GSG Tetsujin Cafe site, and features plenty of pictures of cute girls, and fun themed foods and drinks to match.

Called the "Fuel Menu," it has menu items inspired by the girls of Kan Colle, like Ryuujo's Takoyaki (880 yen), Naka-chan's yogurt mousse cake with melon jelly (680 yen), Kitakami's green curry (980 yen), and Yamato's parfait (780 yen). For now, these are the only food options available, but a new menu will be released November 11.

There are several character-inspired drinks available as well, each of which will be accompanied by a coaster featuring that character. Food menus come with a special placemat, and for an extra charge, they'll even laminate the items for you so they'll last longer.

Each order also comes with a magnet, of which there are a whopping 100 to choose from.

And of course, there's lots of merchandise and artwork to gawk at, with wall scrolls showing the "normal" versions on one side, and "battle damage" versions on the other.

The Kan Colle cafe will be at the GSG Tetsujin Cafe site until December 15.

[Via Kahotan's Blog and AnimeAnime]

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