Dress Up with Bishoujo-Lined Suit Jackets

posted on 2013-10-31 17:00 EDT by Bamboo Dong

Let your love for cute girls be known with these made-to-order bishoujo-lined suit jackets. These fashionable duds were shown off at a menswear exhibit at Daimaru's Umeda store in Osaka's North Ward.

Called ita-shatsu, they literally mean "pain shirt." The word itai (pain) can also mean "pitiful" or "out-of-place" and has since been used to describe cars (itasha) or guitars (itaguitar) decorated with bishoujo characters. Cheekily, anime fans have embraced these portmanteaus to describe the way they masochistically show off their hobby.

Planned and developed by the "Ita-shatsu Project," these jackets feature bishoujo characters that are printed onto the lining using a special process. Each one is made-to-order and costs around 70,000 yen ($711). For an additional 10,000 to 20,000 yen, the company will make slacks, too.

According to project representative Ryuuichi Yoshida, "Some characters are permeated with moe, so ita-shatsu have no competition."

Sales are scheduled to begin in May 2014, with samples to be exhibited next July at Paris' Japan Expo. The jackets will be sold exclusively at Daimaru.

[Source: MSN Sankei]

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