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Popular Anime Characters & Directors Immortalized in Space

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Anime fans are hiding everywhere, even among Japan's leading astronomers, if the names of these asteroids are any indication. When an asteroid is discovered, it's given a number indicating where it was found in space. If the object's orbit can be calculated based on continued observations, the original discoverer can replace the number with a name of their choosing, so long as it is pronounceable, under 16 characters in length, not named after a pet, and isn't already in use.

So, what anime characters and creators are forever immortalized as orbiting rocks in space? Least surprising might asteroid 8883 Miyazakihayao, named after recently retired Studio Ghibli anime director Hayao Miyazaki. Manga and anime couple Moyoco Anno (Sakuran, Sugar Sugar Rune) and Hideaki Anno (Evangelion franchise director) are also up there among the stars.

Anime characters such as lovable forest spirit Totoro, Kamen Rider and the first actor that played him, Fujioka (as in Hiroshi Fujioka), the one and only Anpanman and his creator, the late Takashi Yanase, and Kanchi and Rika from Tokyo Love Story have their own asteroids. There's also Japanese baseball teams 26887 Tokyogiants and 29328 Hanshintigers, delicious 6562 Takoyaki, and the most peaceful asteroid in the belt, 10585 Wabi-Sabi.

[Via Rocket News 24]

Art by MojiMooney

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