Golgo 13 Wants YOU for the Japanese Army

posted on by Eric Stimson
Famous manga assassin helps recruit for Iwate Prefecture's military cooperation office

Golgo 13, a famous manga series about an assassin of impeccable skill, is currently celebrating its 45th anniversary. Last month manga artists have honored its longevity with a special issue of Big Comic, and Iwate Prefecture's Self-Defense Force Provincial Cooperation Office has launched a collaboration as well.

"Recruiting self-defense officials [soldiers]: Now is the time to take that step."

The office's head of public relations, Nobuaki Satou, is a fan of the manga, and explains that the military is looking for personalities like Golgo 13 who carry out their duties no matter what. He contacted Takao Saito, the manga's creator and a resident of the prefecture, and received his consent to use Golgo for promotional purposes on the cooperation office's website. The website now features a Golgo 13 image that changes daily at 1:13 PM (which is 13:13 military time). The office has also produced the two recruiting posters seen here.

Furthermore, the cooperation office is running a Golgo 13 illustration contest. Send in an original drawing of Golgo 13, and you could win a bevy of prizes. The drawing may be sent by paper in the mail or by e-mail. The deadline is today.

"Recruiting everyone's Golgo 13 drawings!"

LEED Publishing Co., which publishes Golgo 13, commented that Golgo "is a neutral character without allegiance to any particular organization, so he doesn't have any special regard for his clients. He just makes sure to fulfill his duties."

[Via Japan Self Defense Force Iwate Provincial Cooperation Office, Daikan Kyohou Shugi!]

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