Korean Girl Group Gets Inspiration from Sailor Moon for Ad

posted on 2014-01-25 16:08 EST by Ederlyn Peralta

South Korea's girl group, Sistar, transformed into Sailor Scouts for a recent commercial that promotes their ongoing ad campaign with an online shopping outlet called 11st.

Rather than being called, "Sailor Senshi," Sistar became "Sailor Stars," a combination of Sailor Moon and Sistar. As the music of Moonlight Legend plays in the background, Sistar sings about upcoming sales, coupons, and point programs. While they do not have any cool magical powers, Sistar does has some "sensual" dance moves, as well as the ability to do acrobatic stunts in the air and twirl wands around.

Sistar is a four member girl group consisting of Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. Just last year, the group released their second album, Give It to Me.

For further interest, here is Sistar's full dance version of the song, Moonlight Legend.

And, here is an interview with Sistar on the set of their advertisement for 11st.

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