ASUS Releases Collaborative Haganai Tablet

posted on 2014-02-25 16:30 EST by Chris Nishijima
Limited Edition Haganai Tablet lets you experience Sena in several new ways.

ASUS has announced the release of the limited edition Haganai version of their latest MeMO Pad HD 7 tablet, with a character print of Sena on the tablets back panel.

The MeMO Pad HD 7 runs on an Android 4.2 operating system with a 1.2GHz processor. It will come equipped with dual cameras, the outer being a 2 megapixel camera and the inner being a .3 megapixel camera. It has a memory of 1GB and an internal storage capacity of 8GB.

In addition to the tablet's normal specs, this special edition version will have a number of exclusive applications. Among them are a dance app in which you can make Sena dance however you like, an application that makes Sena react to your touch, and a "Military Sena" in which you must disassemble Sena dressed as a tank.

The official release date of the tablet is March 4, however a demo version is currently on display in Akihabara's Kotobukiya in their Haganai Corner on the third floor. Once the tablet is released, it will be on sale for 30,000 yen (about 252 dollars), but only 400 units of the product will be made, making this a real pre-order item.

For more information on the tablet and its applications, you can visit the Hi-Ho official collaborative website, where the tablet will be for sale upon release. You can also purchase the tablet through Kotobukiya's official webstore.

[Via: K-tai Watch]

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