Now You Can Wake Up With Your Little Sister, Too

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

If you want to snuggle with your little sister but still make it to work on time, Edge Records has an app for that. The company released a "Sister Alarm" app through iTunes to tie-in with its recent "Issho ni Nemureru CD Series" (Let's Sleep Together) scenario CD, hugging pillows, and scented lavender packs.

Users can choose a voice alarm of one of the four sisters to wake you up at the desired time. Choose between tsundere Mifuyu (Chinatsu Akasaki), passionate Akiho (Yuka Ōtsubo), sporty Saika (Yumi Uchiyama), or adorable Haruna (Tomoko Kaneda). Users can also set multiple voices for a single alarm or select "random" for a surprise. When not in use, the app will show the chosen sister sleeping and play a recording of her breathing to simulate sleeping next to her. The app is also free.

Source: MoCa News

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