Do Not Pass Go, But Do Catch 'Em All With Special Pokemon and Legend of Zelda Monopoly Games

posted on by Ederlyn Peralta

Rather than being the next Pokemon Master, fans can now become the next Pokemon Monopoly millionaire.

In February, USAopoly, a company that sells special versions of popular board games, announced their newest projects, Pokemon Monopoly and The Legend of Zelda Monopoly at the 2014 American International Toy Fair.

Both board games are set to be release in September with a retail price of around $45. As of now, the only other information given about the board games is that Pokemon Monopoly will be set in the Kanto Region.

This isn't the first time Nintendo and Monopoly collaborated. In 2006, USAopoly created Nintendo Collector's Edition Monopoly ($40).

Also, Monopoly isn't the only board game coming out with new editions this year. The board game, Connect 4: Super Mario is coming out this spring for $24.95.

[Via nintendolife and technologytell]

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