Assassination Classroom Apologizes For Printing Error on Characters' Bra Sizes

posted on by Eric Stimson
Sumire's and Rinka's sizes switched

Anything that gets published is prone to typos at any stage of the process, and manga is no exception. From using the wrong kanji to misprinting page numbers, any number of mistakes can happen. Readers haven't always proved to be understanding of these, but when it comes to a matter very dear to many hearts — bra sizes — errors can be especially unforgivable.

Ansatsu Kyōshitsu, a popular manga in Weekly Shonen Jump about a classroom being trained in the art of assassination by a tentacled alien teacher, recently included a list of students along with their bra sizes. Among these, Sumire Hara was listed with a C-cup and Rinka Hayami with a D-cup. Several readers pointed out how implausible it was that Rinka could actually have breasts that large. Sure enough, on March 18, the official Ansatsu Kyōshitsu Twitter account posted a correction to the list: the bra sizes of Sumire and Rinka had been switched. Sumire was supposed to have a D-cup and Rinka a C-cup. The account apologized for the error and promised to correct the mistake in tankoubon printings. It also advised Rinka fans who refuse to accept that she has a C-cup to cut out the original page and save it.

Some fans reacted on Twitter with consternation. "This is a grievous error," "This is too important," and "This is horrible" were among the responses. @wamtst was not surprised, considering that Rinka would have trouble shooting with a D-cup. He or she also wondered what Nagisa's size is (Nagisa is a male character, albeit a rather androgynous one).

If you're curious what the other characters' bra sizes are, the list singles out Rio Nakamura (D), Kirara Hazama (A), Yuzuki Fuwa (B), and Touka Yada (E).

It's worth noting that US bra sizing and Japanese/European bra sizing is slightly different; a US A cup corresponds to a Japanese/European B cup, while a US B cup corresponds to a Japanese/European C cup, and so forth. Those interested in a more interactive demonstration can play around with this online international bra size converter.

Sumire is the character in the back holding knives. Rinka is on the left.

[Via Hachima Kikou, Netlab and Gadget Tsuushin; Images from JoJoLion + Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Channel! and Assassination Classroom Wiki]

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