Akihabara Fans Vote For Favorite Blonde-Haired, Twin-Tail Anime Heroine

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While Akihabara fans have already chimed in on their favorite blue-haired and pink-haired heroines (and with other fans ranking their favorite black-haired characters), a recent survey conducted on the streets of Akihabara asked folks to name their favorite blonde, twin-tailed heroines. Stereotyped as strong-willed tsundere characters, here are the top seven.

Top 7 Blonde-Haired, Twin-Tailed Anime Heroines
Rank Character Title
1 Golden Darkness / Yami To Love-Ru
2 Fate Testarossa Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
3 Maho Misawa Ro-Kyu-Bu
4 Nagi Sanzenin Hayate the Combat Butler
5 Alice Cartelet Kin'iro Mosaic
6 Sonya Kill Me Baby
7 Sakura Yoshino D.C. ~Da Capo~

What do you think of their choices? What are some of your favorite blonde-haired, twin tail characters? Let us know in the forums!

[Via Da Vinci News]

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