Japanese Prefectures Ranked By Number of Anime Holy Sites

posted on by Bamboo Dong

The website recently ranked Japanese prefectures by their quantity of anime "holy sites," and not too surprisingly, Tokyo was at the top of that list. The list was compiled using entries from DIP's pilgrimage map app.

Here are the top 15:

  1. Tokyo (1,035)
  2. Kanagawa (253)
  3. Kyoto (137)
  4. Saitama (89)
  5. Chiba (77)
  6. Niigata (72)
  7. Hokkaidō (62)
  8. Nagano (61)
  9. Hiroshima (51)
  10. Shizuoka (46)
  11. Gifu (46)
  12. Hyōgo (44)
  13. Ibaraki (41)
  14. Ōsaka (38)
  15. Tottori (37)

Least beloved by manga and anime creators were Shimane, Saga, and Ehime with two each, and Miyazaki and Iwate with one each.

For what it's worth, even though the last two aren't flush with anime holy sites, they have plenty of other tourist attractions worth checking out—Miyazaki has several hot springs, plenty of shrines, and lots of sandy beaches, while Iwate is great for outdoorsy folk who enjoy hiking and exploring seaside cliffs, although relief efforts from the 2011 earthquake are still ongoing.


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