Deep-Pocketed Fans Buy All 13 [email protected] Standees

posted on by Eric Stimson
Photo shoot staged in ordinary Tokyo street

Earlier this year, Aniplex+ held a promotion for the upcoming THE [email protected] MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukōgawa e! by selling 13 different life-size [email protected] character standees. Shipping is now underway, and some [email protected] fans seem to have bought all 13 of them, which would cost about $1,922. They are sharing their tales of idolatry on Twitter.

@shinoji_17 gushed over the character artwork. Noting the "amazing linework," he was shocked when he regarded it closely. "The level of completion of the silhouettes is beyond speech, the blurred lines are tasteful and feel soft... the animators are really great and Director [Atsushi] Nishikori is outstanding."

Meanwhile, @tentyoo organized an early morning [email protected] photo shoot in South Kouenji, an unremarkable Tokyo neighborhood.

@kaneko_hk notes that Priuses can hold all thirteen standees easily.

The photo shoot was held in a store at first, but since it was so cramped......

.... the standees were moved into the street.

The store's owner poses with two Yukihos. (No word on where the extra Yukiho came from.)

Some passersby even joined in the photography.

[Via Yaraon!]

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