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Risa Yoshiki Is Very, Very Mad

posted on by Chris Nishijima
New mini-series showcases gravure idol giving her audience a very stern talking to

When a man really ticks his wife off, but has no idea how to make the situation better, some of them will say, "Gee honey, you look beautiful when you're angry." Sometimes those men will even genuinely mean that. Perhaps that was the logic behind gravure idol Risa Yoshiki's new mini-series, I Want Risa Yoshiki to Get Angry At Me (YOSHIKI Risa ni Okoraretai).

The premise is a simple one. For each of the five minute episodes that will make up this series, Risa Yoshiki will yell at the camera, and anybody listening to her, about things that aggravate her about society. If any of the audience members at home just so happens to resonate with any of the things that she's saying, feel free to believe that she's chewing you out personally. TV Tokyo has even put up an ad for the show, in which Risa gives a mini rant to kick things off, saying things like "Shut up you loli-con!" "Just Google it!" and, "Don't badmouth your subordinates when you're off taking young women out for drinks!"

But at least she finishes it off by telling you that she loves you, you jerk.

The show will begin in August and will be airing on Friday mornings at the prompt and early time of 1:53 AM, making it the perfect time to tune in to set you straight, right after slinking back from the bars. Just try to remember that it's just the television before you start getting down on your knees and apologizing.

[Via Kai-You]

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