Mini Nyanko-Sensei Steals Food From Tiny Spoons in Natsume's Book of Friends Accessories

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Miniature figures of office ladies, magical girls, Sailor Scouts, and others perched carefully atop glasses and mugs have been popular for some time now, but Natsume's Book of Friends has found a way to make this trend even cuter.

Starting August 21, select arcades across Japan will offer these adorable keychains featuring a tiny Nyanko-sensei peering over little spoons.

Best of all, the Nyankos can be removed, and perched on spoons of your choice, or nestled into food items.

Other Nyanko-sensei items making their way into arcades includes chubby Nyanko plushes (with a tagline that argues, "I'm not fat..."), as well as Nyanko-sensei desk accessories, the latter of which are coming on September 18.

Source: Nijimen via Natsume's Book of Friends Blog; images from Prize Banpresto

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