"No More" Piracy Mascots Get Lottery Prizes

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Celebrate an end to movie piracy with Ichiban Kuji

The anime and movie industry are often prone to piracy. Whether it be for the sake of posting online or reselling, many films have been illegally recorded by individuals pretending to be loyal customers. It was for this sake that the anti-piracy mascots Camera Man and Patrol Lamp Man were created for the "No More Movie Theft" campaign. This month, Ichiban Kuji decided to pay homage to these two hardworking mascots by holding a special goods lottery for them.

For a single ticket costing 500 yen (About US $4.86), these were the various prizes that could have been won:

  • 1 Prize: Camera Man Big Rubber Magnet
      • 2 Prize: "No More Movie Theft" Rubber Phone Strap (1 of 8)
          • 3 Prize: "No More Movie Theft" Metal Pin Set (1 of 8 sets)
              • Last One Prize:
                • (Given to the customer who purchases the last ticket at any given shop)

                  • Double Chance Prize: Camera Man and Patrol Lamp Man Kyun-Kyara Figure Set
                    • (May be won by any customer who did not win one of the main prizes)

                      The Ichiban Kuji store lottery for "No More" followed a special Twitter campaign that Ichiban Kuji held, in which three individuals could win the 1 Prize of a "Big Rubber Magnet Camera Man," by following the Ichiban Kuji Twitter and retweeting a post with the appropriate hashtag. The lottery was held in the first ten days of August, while the Twitter campaign ran from July 18 to August 17.

                      The anti-piracy mascots also have their own line of mini-figures and SHFiguarts posable figures.

                      [Via Ichiban Kuji]

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