Latest Boys-Love Pose Reference Book is Sure to Induce Nosebleeds

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Everyone is familiar with those How to Draw Manga reference books that are supposed to teach posing, aesthetic, and the overall basics for drawing in the general manga art style. In Japan there's a whole series of books using human models, a sort of printed version of live-drawing sessions.

They're definitely not photo books created under the guise of art reference to titillate readers. Even when the setting involves two guys messing around in a pool. And that pool is regularly used in gravure and adult videos.

Models and boys-love newbies Kentarou Takisawa (24 years old and the "uke," pictured right) and Kaito Akagi (also 24-years-old and the "seme," pictured left) take the roles of a CEO and his capable secretary/lover in the sixth installment of the A BL Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists series. The title suggests that the photos were created as reference guides for drawing manga, but whether the customer enjoys the book to sharpen their drawing skills or because they like images of two male lovers swimming in a pool together, sharing a rose-petal bath, and using handcuffs, blindfolds, and feathers on one another doesn't really matter.

The models also shared some behind-the-scenes videos of the photo shoot.

[Via Rocket News 24]

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