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Attack on Titan Creator Isayama Totally Called Armin a Girl

posted on by Bamboo Dong

Humor is a little hard to gauge in print, so the Attack on Titan fan community has been aflutter after a deadpan comment made by manga creator Hajime Isayama.

In the latest issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, which runs Attack on Titan and frequently showcases Q&A sessions with Isayama, a fan asks, "Out of all the women in the 104th, who is Mikasa closest to?"

Isayama's response: "Armin."

While some fans are assuring each other that it's just a joke, and Isayama is just calling out Armin's more feminine qualities, some are wracking their brains and past issues of Attack on Titan to uncover actual mentions of Armin's gender.

The other questions ask:
Q: Between Sasha and (female competitive eater) Gal Sone, who eats more?
A: Sasha eats a normal amount, but when it comes to greed, she can't possibly lose.

Q: Mike can smell various things. What does a titan smell like?
A: The distinct smell of a hot springs town!

Q: Does Lieutenant Levi help the group with cooking?
A: He likes to help with the clean-up.

What do you think about Isayama's comment? Let us know in the forums.

[Via Otakomu; cover image from Attack on Titan Official]

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