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Gintama's Yorozuya Sneers in Celebration of New Anime For J-World Event

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Gintama "In Your Face" Face Festival has Otae's Dark Matter, Patriot pastry, Kamui-themed bowl

Fans aren't the only ones happy about Gintama's unexpected new television anime series- Shueisha's J-World in Tokyo indoor theme park began a Gintama "In Your Face" Face Festival event on December 22, and the main art for the event features Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura with super smug faces. It's no surprise, as last year's film for the franchise was titled Gekijōban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare (Final Gintama: The Movie: Be Forever Yorozuya).

The event will feature plenty of Gintama-themed dishes for fans to munch on:

Patriot - A recreation of Gintoki's invention made out of toilet paper rolls, boxes of tissue, and a stick. The sweet is made out of roll cake and a churro, and the label on the plate reads, "Patriot Factory Observation Trip Invitation." - 680 yen (about US$5.60)

Hijikata's Mayonnaise Octopus Bowl - Expressing the shear amount of mayonnaise Hijikata likes on his food - 620 yen (aboutUS$5)

Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon - Themed after the strong canon that just happens to look a bit inappropriate. The label on the parfait reads, "Yorozuya's Gin-chan." - 800 yen (about US$6.60)

Kamui's Gluttonous Bowl - A bowl topped with an image of Kamui and an umbrella similar to the one Amanto wield - 680 yen

What the Heck is This Ugly Caaaaaattt!? - Modeled after Gintoki's cat version. - 650 yen

Otae-san's Dark Matter - Inspired by the many, many failed dishes of Shinpachi's elder sister, including her famous deadly fried eggs. The dish is made of noodles with an ink squid sauce. - 800 yen

Hijikata's Dora-Mayo Sandwich (...Wait, this is custard creaaaaam!!!) - A dorayaki sweet that looks like it has mayonnaise in the center, but it is in fact custard cream. The top pancake has an angry Hijikata face printed on it. - 650 yen (about US$5.40)

In addition, if a fan collects 5 tickets equalling 1,500 yen (about US$13) at the game stalls, he or she can enter in a lottery to receive a Happi (Japanese garb) with Gintoki's smug face on it. Ten fans will win, and the prizes will be shipped out in late April.

Games visitors can play include a game where the player tries to knock over Justaway cans, a lottery game themed after the Japanese "King Game," and a lotto game where the faces of Yorozuya's members spin around. Prizes include large pin badges, square stickers, mini posters, and and hand fans.

The event is being held from December 22 to April 19. The fourth Gintama TV anime adapting Hideaki Sorachi's Shonen Jump manga will premiere in April.

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