Sailor Moon Candy Compacts Transform Your Snacking

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Have your very own Sailor Senshi broaches the way that Usagi herself would want them - filled with candy.

Fans of Japanese confections have likely experienced the semi-hard, but still chewable, wonder that is called the tablet. Small and sort of crunchy, it is very similar to the American candy Smarties, but is sometimes treated the way that PEZ are treated here, coming in special containers or anime-themed dispensers. Well very soon, the people of Japan will be able to enjoy the sweet flavor in a more heroic and magical light with the new line of "Miniaturely Tablet Sailor Moon" tablet containers.

Each of the entries in the Miniaturely Tablet Sailor Moon is based off of one of four iconic items from the various story arcs of Sailor Moon, including the "Crystal Star Brooch," the "Cosmic Heart Compact," the "Crisis Moon Compact," and for all those Sailor Chibi Moon fans out there, "the Luna-P Ball."

Using the Miniaturely Tablet is simple. After opening the container, slide away the rhinestone cover to reveal the tablet compartment, which will come pre-filled with refreshingly delicious peach mint flavored tablets. Once you have finished all of the tablets supplied, you can easily refill the container using your own tablets, medicine, or other small items.

This special Sailor Moon lineup is the first in Bandai's new Miniaturely Tablet series. They are scheduled to be on the market starting in mid-June, and will be available for purchase in various convenience stores throughout Japan.

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