Fan Goes Above and Beyond to Create 50m Tall Dancing AR Colossal Titan

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
He just needed 10-meter wide marker and a remote-control drone

The niconico streaming service and dedicated fan KamoC really out did themselves this time. Charged with coming up with a way to recreate the formidable Colossal Titan using AR technology, KamoC went to great lengths to make the impossible task possible.

He first had to make a marker that would be large enough and readable for AR technology to place the 10-meter (33-foot) tall Titan. That in itself was a daunting task and required a marker that would measure four stories in height. KamoC had to rent a larger space, in this case a community center, just to create the marker.

The next challenge was getting a camera high enough to capture the marker and the Titan. KamoC took the next step by using a remote-controlled drone and sending it 100 meters (328 feet) into the sky.

(Use the Closed Caption icon to turn on English subtitles)

This Colossal Titan is much friendler than its manga and anime counterpart. It refrains from destroying the nearby buildings and instead breaks out in choreographed dancing.

[Via Rocket News 24]

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