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Eevee Evolutions Captured in Silver & Gold Necklaces

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The new wave of Eevee merchandise continues with a series of necklaces. There are nine necklaces for each of the evolutions represented on a silver, gold, or rose gold pendant with a semi-precious or precious stone. The price varies depending on which metal the buyer chooses. The jewelry is being made in a collaboration with K Uno.

Options include:

Eevee with a diamond. The diamond was chosen for this pendant because the stone's ability to emit a variety of colors is similar to the Pokémon's ability to evolve into many different forms.

Vaporeon with an aquamarine.

Jolteon with a citrine.

Flareon with a ruby.

Espeon with an amethyst.

Umbreon with a moonstone.

Leafeon with a emerald.

Glaceon with a blue topaz.

Sylveon with a pink sapphire.

Orders will be accepted from June 6 to July 12 and the necklaces will ship out in August. Silver versions cost 15,000 yen (US$121), 10-karat yellow gold versions cost 49,000 yen (US$395), and 18-karat rose gold versions cost 65,000 yen (US$524).

[Via Nijimen]

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