Ju-on: The Final Film Stars Creep Out Japanese Comedy Duo

posted on by Eric Stimson
Comedian Shin'ichirō Ozawa dons ghost makeup

Shin'ichirō Ozawa, half of the Japanese comedy duo known as Pistachio Ozawa, paid his respects to the horror film Ju-on: The Final by appearing in a press conference in his underwear and covered in white makeup. The duo is known for rolling their eyes back like the ghosts of Ju-on, and Ozawa has been said to resemble Toshio, the ghost boy. Kai Kobayashi (who plays Toshio) and Misaki Saisho (who plays his mother, Kayako) also appeared at the press conference in character, thoroughly creeping out the comedians by their stubborn silence (in Toshio's case) and spooky gestures (in Kayako's case).

Ozawa claims he enjoyed his new appearance and said "this color comes naturally to me." It earned what amounted to applause from Kayako. Hiroki Ijichi, the other half of the comedy duo, appeared with him and insisted that the duo be known as "Pistachion" for that day (referring to Ju-on). He praised the new film for consistently frightening the audience "from beginning to end," while most horror movies offer a gradual buildup to a single climactic fright.

Ju-on: The Final premiered on June 20 and is currently playing in Japanese theaters. Kobayashi and Saisho had earlier freaked out a press conference by making an unorthodox entrance. (Skip to 2:05.)

[Via Cinema Today and Owarai Natalie]

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