Splatoon Fan Makes Water Gun Version of Inkzooka

posted on by Eric Stimson
Force surpasses other water guns

An enterprising fan of the Nintendo squid shooter game Splatoon has made a replica of the Inkzooka, a powerful Special Weapon. He posted a video showcasing his creation on Nico Nico Douga under the name tono2.

Tono2 compares his homemade Inkzooka with commercially available water guns, including the much-feared Super Soaker. Its power knocks them out of the park — and its recoil knocks the shooter backwards. It should certainly make water fights at the pool a lot more one-sided. As a bonus, Tono2 also developed a version of the Splat Bomb, which seems a little dangerous for pool play.

Unfortunately, Tono2 writes that he was "in a trance" while putting together the Inkzooka and forgot to take pictures of its construction. He says it's based off of mounted guns used for games in amusement parks, but reworked to be portable and covered with colored tape. The Inkzooka is 180 centimeters long (about 5.9 feet), weighs 15 kilograms (or 33 pounds), shoots at a range of 25 meters (82 feet), and has a pressure of 320 kilopascals.

Tono2 earlier crafted a version of Splatoon's Splat Charger, although its effects now seem puny in comparison.

Although it can't really be used as a gun, a new cordless vacuum cleaner from Sharp has been compared to a weapon from Splatoon (among other pop cultural works) by online fans.

Gameplay footage of the Inkzooka

[Via Netlab]

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