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Eagle Talon's Yoshida Tries Out Legal Profession in Smartphone Game

posted on by Eric Stimson
Crossover with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Yoshida, a character from the anime series Secret Society Eagle Talon, assumes the role of a defense attorney in the new smartphone game Yoshida: Ace Attorney. He's taken up a part-time job at a legal office, but when his boss, Phoenix Wright, takes a trip, Yoshida is left to do his work for him and defend the accused in court.

If this sounds familiar, it's because Phoenix Wright is the star of the video game series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. (The game's title is actually "Reverse Yoshida" in reference to "Reverse Trial," the Japanese name of the series.) Like his boss, Yoshida must collect testimony from witnesses and carry out investigations to unravel the true story behind each case.

Yoshida must interrogate informants by flicking them.

Yoshida stakes out a suspicious scene.

Once the evidence has been accumulated and Yoshida's case is bolstered, it's time to defend his clients in court. The charges include heinous crimes like theft, attempted arson, and cutting in line. Familiar faces from the Ace Attorney series appear to advise you — as do characters from Eagle Talon, like Leonardo the teddy bear, who sells ramen from a cart.


Yoshida can also cosplay as Ace Attorney characters.

Yoshida: Ace Attorney was planned and developed by Iruka Apps and managed by DLE, the studio behind Eagle Talon. It can be downloaded for the iOS here and Android here (Japan only). Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume (Eagle Talon) is a Flash animated series about a secret society hopelessly trying to take over the world.

[Via Dengeki App; Image from Gpara.com]

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