Hideaki Anno Says Industry Comments Were a Misunderstanding

posted on by Carlos Cadorniga

Just a couple of months ago, anime director Hideaki Anno went on record making a rather ominous comment stating that the anime industry would soon collapse within the next five years or so. Recently, Anno again spoke publicly with a decisive "whoops".

The Neon Genesis Evangelion director appeared at the Japan Animator Expo screening at the Shinjuku Wald 9 theater on Saturday. While taking questions, he was asked about the remarks he made about anime on its eventual descent, he went to rectify his statements.

"I didn't mean to say it would collapse," he corrected. "I did say it would become more difficult, but I didn't mean to say anything more. Anime is certainly seeing harsher conditions," Anno stated. "But it is not without its prospects. It can still do a lot more and is not in downright turmoil."

Anno continued by saying that the main problem facing the industry is money.

"It's often said that making anime is cheap... but even so, collecting money is an issue."

He concluded his event by urging anime fans to truly express their love for the industry. "Go see it in movies when you can. The main thing behind this is love from the fans."

Also in attendance was animator Akira Amemiya who complemented Anno's words by saying, "We'd love more people who love anime to work in the industry." Anno himself was impressed by his remark.

[Via Cinema Today]

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