Unused Script Cards Reveal More About Ico Game

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Team Ico and Fumito Ueda originally released the mostly dialogue free Ico in Japan and North America in 2001. The game garnered a passionate fan-following that only grew with its spiritual successor, Shadow of the Colossus. Recently, Ico fan einstein95 discovered 77 unused subtitle cards that were subsequently translated by GlitterBerri to reveal extensive background information and character development cut from the game. This number seems small, but the game only had 115 to start!

The detailed translation gives further information on Yorda's circumstances and the Queen's plans. Check out the above link to read for yourself, although it may affect your interpretation of the game.

Ueda is currently working on The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4. Sony first revealed the game in 2009, the game has undergone numerous delays in production. Game director Fumito Ueda announced his departure as a full-time Sony employee in December 2011, though later confirmed that the game was still under his creative supervision in 2013. The game is now slated for next year.

[Via Siliconera]

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