Kinnikuman Creator Calls Out Groping Cosplayer On Twitter

posted on by Eric Stimson

A cosplayer of the title character of Kinnikuman (Ultimate Muscle) has reportedly been causing quite a bit of trouble and discomfort at last weekend's Wonder Festival in Tokyo. He was first spotted pretending to film a Gundam cosplayer's rear at a low angle. Witnesses later reported seeing him flip the skirts and grope the breasts of other cosplayers wearing female kigurumi (adult onesies).

The cosplayer's harassment led to a torrent of complaint on Twitter, with the Gundam cosplayer swearing that he didn't have her permission and others complaining that he wouldn't stop when he was called out on his behavior. @Saika_T_Fuyu claimed that he was "a repeat offender who frequents major [cosplay] events in the Kantō area." Yudetamago, the creator of the Kinnikuman manga, even tweeted his apology. "If I was there and saw that, I would call him out right away," he wrote. "I'll bet something would happen if he realized he made the creator mad."

Sure enough, the Twitter shaming had an effect — within three days, the culprit, @OtokohaDamatteG, confessed and apologized. "I personally had no idea it would be this big a deal. Now I feel the terror of the Internet." He promised not to do it again and said he would delete his Twitter account. Yudetamago responded, "You should apologize to the girls first."

Luckily, the Kinnikuman cosplayer received permission for this interaction at a Comiket.

[Via Hachima Kikō; Image from Livedoor News]

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