Eva Store Offers Feline-Flavored, Chinese Dress, & Uniform Rei Ayanami Figures

posted on by Eric Stimson

Since it's the 20th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and with the Evangelion Blu-Ray box set on sale on August 26, Hideaki Anno's iconic franchise is on many anime fans' minds. New figures of Rei help cast the enigmatic Eva pilot in a sexy light.

This figure, designed by Ryunryun Tei after an illustration by manga artist Takeshi Okazaki, shows Rei in a "Super Plug Suit." It made a splash at this year's Wonder Festival and is now available for sale for 15,000 yen ($120).

This figure, made by Ryunos, shows Rei in a winter uniform. It is on sale for 10,800 yen (about $88).

Ryunos also sculpted this figure showing Rei in a summer uniform. It costs 9,936 yen ($80).

This poster of the three female Eva pilots in qipao (Chinese dresses) caused waves at the Evangelion Expo held in Shenzhen, China. Banpresto Global obliged with a figure of Rei wearing the same dress. It costs 6,642 yen ($53) and will ship in November.

All of these figures range from about 19 to 23 centimeters high (or 7 to 9 inches).

Rei has also recently appeared as a bust painted entirely in her hair's particular shade of blue.

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