Get into a Halloween Mood with Ghost/Dark Pokemon Accessories

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Handbags, glasses, sketchbooks, and more

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With Halloween gradually approaching, Japan's character goods makers are beginning to emphasize the creepy and macabre in their merchandise. For consumers interested in a more restrained, eerie or spooky atmosphere, Pokemon Center is offering a "Mystery Mansion" line of goods featuring Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon in monochrome art emphasizing black, gold and purple. The premise is a gathering of these spooky Pokemon in a mysterious mansion ruled over by a Banette.

Assorted metal straps: 300 yen ($2.49) each

Pass case and pouch: 1,500 yen ($12.40) each; Pen pouch: 1,200 yen ($9.95); Large wallet: 3,500 yen ($29)

The artwork inside

Handbag: 3,500 yen

Glass set: 1,200 yen

Watch with Umbreon and Chandelure: 7,800 yen ($65)

Sketchbooks: 524 yen ($4.34)
Parka: 5,600 yen ($46)

Hand towel: 700 yen ($5.80; Face towel: 1,000 yen ($8.30)

Clear files: 400 yen ($3.31) each

These items will be available at Pokemon Centers in Japan on September 19. They will also be found at Amazon's Pokemon Store.

[Via Nijimen, Pokemon official site and Pokemon Daisuki Club]

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