Ultraman Monsters Keep Getting Sexier With New Figure

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
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Figure and toy company Surprise Next is continuing the "Ultraman Monster Personification Project" of turning the special-effects show monsters in to beautiful women. The company is taking pre-orders for its rendition of Alien Magma, a cat-like humanoid race from Ultraman Leo.

Monster's original appearance

Gone is the fluffy platinum blonde hair in favor of long locks. The spear-like Magma Saber also looks upgraded to a more precise, pink drill. Chaika the Coffin Princess character designer Namaniku ATK drew the monster's redesign illustration.

The figure costs 18,144 yen (US$151) and is slated to ship in February. Customers who pre-order through the Surpise Next page will also receive a coffee mug with Namaniku ATK's original design image.

Plex released a personified version of Eleking in 2013. Surprise Next's line-up includes Gomora, Alien Guts, Zetton, and Garamon. Plex also released Red King and King Joe.

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