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US Marines Prove Tanks Can Drift — in Snow

posted on by Eric Stimson
Answers question put to Girls und Panzer producer

Can tanks drift? That's the question posed to Kiyoshi Sugiyama, the producer of Girls und Panzer, in the latest issue of Drift Tengoku ("Drift Heaven"), a Japanese magazine devoted entirely to drifting. The interview discusses action scenes in the anime from the perspective of drift aficionados, as well as Rosehips, a character from the Girls und Panzer film.

The animation of certain scenes in the anime certainly suggests drifting; the example below is from Episode 12.

The U.S. Marines seem to have confirmed this question. The video below was taken on winter exercises in Norway, and shows M1-A1 Abrams and Leopard 2A4 tanks taking a corner in a way that looks suspiciously like drifting. Apparently snowy conditions make the tank treads hard to control even for Marines familiar with driving tanks.

[Via Inside for All Gamers, Livedoor News and Popular Science]

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