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Takeshi Konomi Announces Prince of Tennis Charity Event in Kumamoto

posted on by Eric Stimson

On May 26, Takeshi Konomi, the manga artist behind The Prince of Tennis, announced that he would participate in a Prince of Tennis charity event on June 26 to benefit the victims of the April earthquakes in Kumamoto. To drum up anticipation beforehand, he posted a series of tweets in the voices of his characters (particularly in those of Kippei and Senri, who hail from Kyushu, where the earthquakes struck).

Tachibana: It's about time we made our announcement!!
Chitose: In another 18 minutes hours and 11 minutes [sic] (the pinnacle of cleverness✧)... it will be time for us, the Two Wings of Kyushu, to make an announcement.
Atobe: Uuuh... you two've been let out already?
Tezuka: I've got a question... Have the Two Kings of Kyushu [been to] Higa Junior High?
Ryōma: Not yet.

Kenya: Chitose!? What is 18 minutes hours and 11 minutes supposed to mean??
Chitose: I (well, the writer) made a mistake!
Inui: More accurately, it's in 17 hours, 31 minutes, 51 seconds, 219465...
Yanagi: Sadaharu, leave it at that.
Zaizen: The point is, it's around 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Tachibana: It's almost time... I wonder if one word will be enough?

Chitose: Don't get nervous, Kippei♪

Tachibana: *ahem* Surpriiiise!
Chitose: Tiiiime☆
Konomi: Thanks, Two Wings of Kyushu♪* On June 26, let's join hands with all the TeniPri characters!!

The event will be called Takeshi Konomi ☆ Surprise Live ~ One-Man Teni Petit Festa and will be held on only one day, but with seven different performances. Further details will be posted on Konomi's Twitter account.

Other figures and organizations that have lent charity support to Kumamoto include Cygames, Yoshiki and Good Smile Company. Konomi enjoys a burgeoning career as a singer.

Source: Nijimen

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