New Sailor Moon Chibi-Usa and Helios Figure Announced

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A new figure of Chibi-Usa and Helios from Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon manga and anime series has been announced on the Bandai shopping site Premium Bandai. It reproduces the meeting between Chibi-Usa and Helios in Pegasus form. The silver pedestal at the bottom of the figure has the caption “Chibi-Usa & Helios.”

Chibi-Usa is shown in her princess dress gently cradling Pegasus' face.


This figure is the second installment in the Figuarts Zero chouette series. Reservations opened on the Premium Bandai website beginning on June 17 at 1 PM JST, and the figure will be shipped in January 2017 for 6,912 yen (US$66).

The iconic magical girl show first aired in 1992. Its most recent incarnation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, is in its third season and is currently ongoing. The series follows Usagi Tsukino and her fellow Sailor Guardians as they battle against evil and search for the legendary Silver Crystal.


Source: Comic Natalie

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