Win My Hero Academia Prizes at Japanese Sushi Chain

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Erasers, trading cards, and even a video game

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My Hero Academia fans with a penchant for sushi should plan a few trips to the kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) chain Muten Kurazushi, as it will offer several prizes related to the popular manga and anime franchise in the coming weeks.

Kurazushi, like other kaitenzushi restaurants, lets customers pick their favorite sushi plates off of a conveyor belt and charges them by plate. But it has the added bonus of Bikkurapon!, an arcade game that can be played if five plates are eaten. Players can win capsules with prizes inside — and now Kurazushi includes these "battle erasers" with 13 different My Hero Academia characters. (The "battle" is fought by flipping the erasers over, spinning them a few times, then flipping them over again and ramming them against each other. The eraser with the larger number wins.)

Players may also win a ticket which can be exchanged for a "silver" or "gold" prize. The silver prize, which is much more likely (there are 10,000 available), is this clear file showing Ochaya making a sushi delivery — and Tsuyu putting her superpower to good use.

The gold prize, available to 370 winners, is the Nintendo 3DS game My Hero Academia: Battle for All, along with a metallic version of the clear file.

If you prefer ordering takeout, you can still enjoy free My Hero Academia trading cards with your order. The above three cards are available now, while the bottom three will be available beginning on June 24.

Silver and gold prizes will only be available until June 23; the erasers will be available until June 30.

Kurazushi gained notoriety earlier for offering customers an uncut sushi roll with an entire sardine inside.

Sources: Comic Natalie and Muten Kurazushi

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