Digimon Tamers' Digivice Returns After 15 Years

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Corresponding card game also revived

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About 15 years after the culmination of the third Digimon series, Digimon Tamers, that series' Digivice, the D-Power (or D-Ark in Japan), will make a comeback.

The D-Power will be available in two varieties: Takato's and Rika's (Ruki's). They will include new Digimon: Megidramon, Sakuyamon's miko mode, and Kuzuhamon's miko mode.

When "certain conditions are met," Leomon and Cyberdramon will also become available to use.

The Digivices also come with three plastic plug-in cards to modify your Digimon, along with the Red Card and the Blue Card.

The card game that was sold along with the D-Powers will also be revived. There are a total of 65 different cards, including holographic cards, all-new cards, and 3-D cards with images that change depending on the angle that the card is held. They will be packaged in a box that resembles Takato's card box from the anime.

Finally, if the player clears each area, they can access Calumon's hidden mode, which lets them battle 10 different Mega-leval Digimon. What happens after this remains a secret.

The D-Powers cost 9,990 yen ($93.75); the card set costs 6,480 yen ($60.80). They can be reserved at Premium Bandai and are expected to ship in January.

This artwork by Kenji Watanabe will be incorporated into the packaging.

The original Digivice from Digimon Adventure and the D-3 Digivice from Digimon Adventure 02 have also made comebacks, and will be compatible with the D-Power. Digimon Adventure tri. also has its own Digivice.

Sources: Premium Bandai and Man Tan Web

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