Smite Foes in Style with Space Sheriff Gavan's Laser Blade

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Gavan Dynamic!

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If you've been itching to vanquish evil lately but just don't have a cool enough weapon for it, never fear: Tamashii Lab, which fashions collectible items from Bandai properties, has developed the laser blade from the iconic 1980s action show Space Sheriff Gavan.

Kenji Ohba, the actor who portrayed Gavan, is summoned to test out the sword. He is very impressed, especially with its size — 81 cm (about 2'8'') long, "more than I remember." The sword is supported by two hands that look like Gavan's in his deposition mode (the silver suit). The blade hilt is die-cast metal, producing a weapon that's also heavier than Ohba remembers.

Two features stand out in this weapon, however. One is the "birdnium energy" (LED lights) that courses through the blade when you wave your hand along it. You'll have to fight your enemies in a dark place for maximum style. The second is the music stored within the hilt: press a button, and you'll get to listen to Space Sheriff Gavan's opening theme, the laser blade theme, or the battle fanfare. You can also choose to play appropriate swordfight sound effects or lines recorded by Ohba himself ("Laser blade!," "Gaban Dynamic!," "So long, tears; Hello, bravery!," etc.).

The laser blade is expected to go on sale on January 28 for a price of 16,200 yen ($161); it should be more than enough time for your enemies to run for cover.

Source: Tamashii Lab

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