Voice Actress/Idols Offer Chance to Speak with Them for Three Minutes Over Skype

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May cost up to 9,500 yen

Skype has allowed people in vastly different time zones to video chat with each other easily, but it's not always as easy to meet and chat with celebrities. Luckily for their fans, the voice actress/idol groups i☆Ris and Sunmyu are now offering the chance to Skype chat with one of them for three minutes... if the fans are willing to pay up.

An explanation of how to register in Japanese

The service is offered through Kimi Dake LIVE ("a concert for you alone") and requires those who are interested to sign up through Twitter. You can then apply for a time slot for your favorite singer -- if you have enough Hearts. Hearts cost 100 yen (96¢) each, although you get five for free at the beginning and one each day you log in. You can apply to multiple time slots and cheer on the singer by clicking on a "cheer meter" to get the ability to apply to more slots. There is also a "premium ticket" that lets you watch a concert. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis; several time slots have already been sold out.

i☆Ris makes the announcement themselves

You'll be notified if you won three days before the chat with a ticket and a message from the singer. Winners get to either converse with the singer or request a song. Please make sure your microphone and camera work beforehand (although it's O.K. if you'd rather remain faceless). If you don't win, you can still exchange your Hearts for related merchandise.

Sunmyu's announcement

i☆Ris members charge 100 Hearts for the one-on-one meeting, while Sunmyu only asks for 35. Here is the chat schedule:

Former AKB48 idol Anna Mori sold three dates to raise money for a photobook. It's also possible to date the idol group Kamen Joshi through virtual reality.

Sources: Kimi Dake LIVE and Nijipoi

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