See Like a Magical Girl With Sailor V Eyeglasses

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The Sailor Guardians already joined forces with JINS and Bandai this year to release a line of Sailor Moon glasses frames. Character eyewear brand Maison Sabae is now teaming up with the magical girls to offer glasses that actually appeared in the Sailor Moon anime and manga.

The company is modeling its first character glasses on the eyewear of character Sailor V, the alternate identity of Minako Aino before she becomes Sailor Venus. The red plastic spectacles made in Japan perfectly mimic Sailor V's glasses from the anime and manga series.

The eyeglasses cost 16,200 yen (about US$153), and fans can order their own through the Bandai Premium website now. The glasses are slated to ship in March 2017.

Other anime, manga, and games to inspire themed eyewear include K-ON!, Sword Art Online II, Hunter x Hunter, KanColle, Ace of Diamond, Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Attack on Titan, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Madoka Magica, Yotsuba&, Capcom titles, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, and Touhou Project. Glasses fans with no desire to purchase eyewear can also check out the Meganebu! "Eyeglasses Club" anime or look through the results of Kodansha's male bespectacled character poll.

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