Symphogear Art Designer Thomas Romain Redraws Sons' Character Designs

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Japanese anime studio Satelight's Thomas Romain doesn't just work on anime projects, he also uses his artistic skills to spend quality time with his two sons. Both boys enjoy creating their own fantastical characters, from steampunk doctors to gun-wielding cyborgs. Romain then takes his kids' character designs and redraws them in what he dubbed "Father and Sons Design Workshop."

Romain posted the first image on Twitter on Christmas Day and has since shared four images with more planned. The next drawing the family is working on is featuring a robot.

The second drawing was designed by Romain's second son. He commented that the design had a nostalgic feel reminiscent of the 1980s.

The father-sons team also tried their hand at a magic knight and steampunk doctor with creative results.

Romain has worked on Oban Star-Racers, the Aria franchise, Aquarion Evol, Air Gear, Bodacious Space Pirates, Symphogear, AKB0048, Space Dandy and more.

[Via Casey Baseel at Rocket News 24]

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