Go Behind-the-Scenes of Ghost in the Shell's Amazing Props

posted on 2017-03-22 13:45 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge

The Ghost in the Shell franchise has inspired real-life technology like "facial hacking", Tachikoma that adapt its personality based on the user, camouflage, and more. The live-action Ghost in the Shell film also pushed technological innovation to bring some of its characters to life. The staff and New Zealand's Weta Workshop took up the challenge using 3D printing to create an endoskeleton. Myth Busters' Adam Savage interviews the staff in these behind-the-scenes videos.

Weta Workshop also created the silicone "Thermoptic" suit that Scarlett Johansson wears, animatronic puppets, and the scary geisha mask that first made an impression in the film's debut trailer.

The staff of the live-action film have released a variety of promotional videos and TV spots in the lead-up to the North American theatrical debut on March 31. The film will open in Japan on April 7.

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